Martin Norris

Martin Norris

Born in the UK, Martin played in several pop groups in the 60s.

He moved to Rhodesia in 1971 and following a TV appearance began working for RTV on sound and TV production. Here he started composing jingles and music tracks for film/video.

By 1976 he formed Shed Recording Studios with Steve Roskilly.  This provided experience in music composition, engineering and production, as well as running a studio, artist management, forming record labels and a publishing company.

1980 saw a major breakthrough when David Scobie recorded Martin’s “Gypsey Girl” and “Taking The Easy Way Home”.  This led to Gold discs being awarded.  Martin performed in the band formed to back David’

Moving to Australia in 1983 he continued jingle, soundtrack and song composition, as well as music and post-production audio in his own studio, Pyramid. Highlights during this period included songs written for the 1988 Expo, Brisbane’s bid for the 1992 Olympic Games, and working on country star Keith Urban’s early demos.

2000 saw a return to live music when Martin performed as a vocalist/guitarist in Billy Joel and Elton John tributes and he is currently starring as Phil Everly in an Everly Brothers tribute show.

Martin continues to compose and produce music in his home studio and is recording an album of love songs and ballads.