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Fraser Mackay

Fraser Mackay

A Zimbabwean born entertainer who has been performing for Zimbo’s all over the world. He performed at many legendary Beerfests during the ’80s and ’90s where thousands of people would gather for evenings of fun and laughter! He, along with David Scobie and Stephen Hanly, wrote and performed the outstanding comedy ‘My Private Parts’ which did a nationwide sellout tour!

Fraser has entertained at the Kariba International Tiger Tournament for the past 11 years.

He is also an avid artist, had a very successful exhibition in October 2011 in Harare, and has an upcoming exhibition in South Africa later on this year . He has been working mainly in pencil for the last year and does both portraits and wildlife. Some of his original work was on display and sold at Bush-Bash 2012.

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Fraser’s Art

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Fraser's pencil art Fraser's pencil art